6 Reasons Online Games Are So Awesome

If you have never played any online games, here are six reasons you will not be disappointed if you start playing them:

100% Free: Everyone likes to have fun. However, just because you are in the mood for some entertainment does not mean that you want to pay a fortune for it. If you have tried going to the movies lately, you know it can easily cost $30 to $50 for less than two hours of entertainment! Although it is ridiculous that prices have gotten so high, the good news is there are still options that won’t empty your wallet.

In fact, playing online games will not take a single dollar out of your wallet. You can play these games for as long as you want without ever being charged. If you are wondering how that is possible, it is because game creators and website owners are able to use ads to subsidize the gaming experiences they create for people around the world.

Easy to Start: One reason that some people who are interested in online games do not actually try them is because they believe it is going to be too difficult to learn how to play them. While that may be the case with games that are played on consoles like the PS3, it does not apply to online games. Because they feature clear instructions and intuitive controls, you will be able to hop right into playing.

Provide Plenty of Challenges: While you can easily start playing an online game, that does not mean it will quickly become boring. On the contrary, the more you play a game, the more challenging it will become. The reason that is possible is because progressing to more advanced levels will present you with challenges that are reserved for players who have gotten a feel for the basics of a game.

Flexible Lengths: There will be times when you only want to take a break for a few minutes. Then there will be times when you want to be entertained for an extended period. A major strength of online games is they are just as enjoyable to play in either situation.

Any Style You Want: Thanks to the continued popularity of online games, developers have created just about every type of game you can imagine. If there is a specific style of game you want to play, you are just a search away from finding it.

Accessible from Anywhere: One of the drawbacks to console games, as well as downloadable computer games, is they can only be played in one location. Console games require you to play in front of your TV, while downloadable games are only for individual computers. If you want freedom, you will enjoy being able to play online games from any desktop or laptop computer with an Internet connection.

Now that any doubts about the awesomeness of online games have been eliminated from your mind, all that is left for you to do is to start playing!

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Online Games Are Not Only Meant for Boys

Online games are web applications which heavily rely on technologies such as flash, most of the online games with find on the web today involve violence, shooting, aliens, war and all sorts of activities which might not be considered to be appropriate for girls, especially if they are particularly young. Luckily for them online game developers have thought of girls who would like to play games which are best suited for them, good examples of these girl games can be found in general game sites under the kids/girls category, the most popular ones involve a princess.

It is very common for a little girl or most girls in general to have wished they could have been princesses, in a way parents make them feel like they are by buying them items which have been designed with princess themes, if you as a parent would like to keep things the way then it would be a great idea to visit websites which provide unique flash girl games based on this idea.

There are many princess girl games on the web which are meant to entertain girls, it may be found in the form of puzzles, stories, sketches, coloring and pages, art galleries, animations, etc. lets take a look at each of these princess games:

Princess puzzles:

These are very popular games because they are able to trigger a girl’s creativity and they also keep them quite busy for hours because they represent a challenge, this is also the main reason why puzzles are popular among boys.


These are all time favorites because people are able to connect better things that provide or have a story, flash games which incorporate this idea are able to quickly become favorites among girls who like to play games which also tell them stories.

Sketches and coloring pages:

Online games which were based on the idea of sketches and coloring games are great to trigger a girl’s creativity and help them relax and increased their cognitive abilities while doing so.

It is very common to hear about Disney because they’ve been the pioneers when it comes to kids and girls games however, they are not the only source of entertainment that are available on the web, according the girl’s age there are different alternatives for entertainment, as a parent you need to browse sites which are tailored for girls in order to make sure that they are appropriate and contribute to her artistic, cognitive and mental development.

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